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Free GPT’s

AI News

You can use a built-in button.

SS of ChatGPT

Here is the output.


After that, you can summarize any of them with a single prompt ;

summarize 10th
SS of ChatGPT

That’s how easily you can track AI news.

Phoenix AI

I don’t like promoting myself, but I like doing analysis. For the last 2 years, I’ve written over 200+ articles. Some are available for you on this page, while the rest are for my clients and published with their names.

That’s why I think I can formalize the process of writing an article. Since I have been majorly using ChatGPT to create the structures of some of my articles, I created a GPT, named Phoneix Ink. Here is the use case.

Let's write about AI libraries with Python

Let me dismantle the output. At first, it will generate a thumbnail for your article.

Next, it will generate an outline by researching through the web, which will give the possibility of generating an updated outline.

After that you can continue writing your article with a simple prompt.

Of course, go on 

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Image by Author

Let’s see a few of them.

Learn AI With Me

Imagine a teacher who can reach the web instantly and answer your messages instantly on 7/24. This teacher won’t get bored or stop online always for you. And this teacher's name is Learn AI With Me.

By using this GPT, you can learn Python libraries such as matplotlib, numpy, pandas, and scikit-learn to build AI applications. This curriculum, which I personally created by combining various resources, is regularly updated.

But not only these, you can also learn Python from the beginning and will make you a Python hero.

Prompt Perfecter

By using this prompt perfecter, you will have a chance to change your prompt from novel to perfect, by answering continuing questions.

Here is my original prompt :

Create a Regression Model with Python

Here is the 2 iterations after:

You can continue until you finish your goal, which automatically makes you a Prompt Engineer in a second.

Simplify Your Text

This GPT will simplify your text in seconds by rephrasing the words with easier alternatives, and this makes this tool perfect for writing articles or text that are easy to read. Now, it has almost 1000 words at the backend, but my aim is to increase the numbers of the words from 10.000 by the end of this year.

Abidin Dino AI

Now, you have many different options to generate images by using AI tools, but here I created a prompt that will use the ultimate options here are just the camera options from the prompt that works behind the scenes:

Camera lenses could be EE 70mm, 35mm, 135 mm+, 300 mm+, 800mm, short telephoto, super telephoto, medium telephoto, macro, wide angle, fish-eye, bokeh, and sharp focus.

Here is one example from it.

The version that will allow you to do customization by just answering is about to finish.

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